We have measured TV audiences in the Czech Republic since April 29th 2002, when we first won the tender to be the Provider of the 5 year TV audience measurement project for the Association of Television Organizations.

Parameters of current TV measurement in Czech Republic 2013-2017

Piktogram Panel
  • Measurement is carried out on a representative sample (panel) of 1,850 households with TV sets (ca. 4,470 individuals). Households participating in the measurement have guaranteed anonymity in relation to our clients and data users.
  • The audience is measured for every TV set in each household, and all members of the household that are over 4 years old participate in the measurement.
  • We guarantee the daily supply of data from at least 1,650 households.
  • The panel of households was based on an extensive Establishment Survey conducted in 2012, with the goal of defining the basic characteristics of the TV audience.
  • The panel of households is regularly updated. 25% of the panel is replaced every year.
  • The structure of the panel is regularly checked and modified, so that the sample of households matches the socio-demographic profile of households and individuals in the Czech Republic) according to the current data of the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO).
  • The panel composition is regularly checked with regard to possible changes in characteristics that affect the TV audience in the Czech Republic.
  • The behaviour of panel members is checked daily by Nielsen Admosphere.
Piktogram Research
  • Monitoring of changes in the TV population is provided by a “Continual Survey,” which is carried out on a quarterly basis on a representative sample of at least 9,000 households yearly.
  • The Continual Survey for example examines the TV behaviour of Czech households, their TV set equipment, TV channel reception etc.
Piktogram Technology
  • We measure TV audience in households using a TV-meter system. Audiomatching is the dominant technology in the measurement – a comparison of sound prints from all measured TV sets with a reference set of sounds of the measured TV channels. The measurement does not depend on the means of TV signal reception (DVB-T, satellite, cable, IPTV, Internet).
  • Since 2013, the time-shifted audience of programmes has been included in the measurement project, i.e. the audience of a programme after its TV broadcast time, over a horizon of 7 days. It can occur on TVs with hard drives or other device allowing the recording and playback of TV broadcasts, or with help of so-called Smart TVs etc.
  • We also measure TV audiences on the PCs of panel members, especially the time-shifted audience via Internet archives of TV channels.
  • During the day, the TV meter continuously sends data via mobile operator data transfer to the processing centre.
Piktogram Data
  • The data collected from the panel are checked every morning by Nielsen Admosphere and combined with information about broadcasted programmes from broadcasting protocols supplied by different TV channels.
  • Daily data are available every morning by 8:00 am, within 2 hours of the end of the previous TV day, which lasts from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m., including Saturdays, Sundays and all national holidays.
  • The supplied data contain information about TV audiences accurate to the second, information about programmes, and socio-demographic information about households and the individuals living in them.
Piktogram LSS
  • Information about individual respondents is continuously enriched with information about their lifestyle and consumer behaviour from the Lifestyle Survey (LSS).

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