About us

We are partners of the project of preservation and public access of St. Wenceslas rotunda


In spring 2016 we supported the activities of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague and became partners of the project of preservation and public access of St. Wenceslas rotunda in Malá Strana in Prague. The rotunda was discovered during the reconstruction of the faculty in 2004 after 376 years of being considered lost. You can find out more information about the project including the ways to make a contribution on this website.

We are adoptive parents of a red-cowled cardinal


Our subsidiary Adwind Software has been an adoptive parent to a beautiful red-cowled cardinal in the Prague ZOO since the summer 2014.

This little red-headed bird can be found particularly in the woods of South America. Thanks to its attractive colouring and calm nature it is also commonly bred in households.

We promote media education


We launched the web page www.peoplemetry.cz as a source of information for those looking for answers regarding peoplemeters and television audience measurement itself.  Whether you are interested in finding out how peoplemeters look, how households are selected for peoplemeter measurement, or if the sample of these households is large enough, all this information is available on the website.

The main purpose of the website, enriched with five videos, is to provide the Czech public with information about the largest and most expensive media research carried out in the Czech Republic, and to help enrich Czech media literacy. But the website is significant also for professionals such as those in media agencies and people working for the media in general, both marketers and journalists.  Website visitors are guided through the basic facts of peoplemeter measurement by the star of the videos, Stan, and more detailed information is available in written form.

We also lecture on peoplemeters and the media market at the University of Economics in Prague.

We help together with the respondents

Logo Konto Bariéry

In 2009 we decided to send regular financial support to a project that is closely related to the focus of our company. Nielsen Admosphere understands the importance of its technological background and the professional training of its employees. The projects of the company depend both on the people and on the IT equipment and software that allow measurement, analysis, research and development.

Since 2010 we have been supporting Projekt Nadace Charty 77 – Počítače proti bariérám (Computers against barriers). In addition to the contribution from Nielsen Admosphere we add the sum of all remuneration for research participants given up voluntarily for charity purposes. Thus we can help people with handicaps, or people excluded from society, to get equipment, learn how to work with computers and improve their IT knowledge. Our subsidiary Nielsen Admosphere Slovakia, meanwhile, with the help of its respondents supports the  projekt Clowndoctors občanského sdružení Červený Nos (the Red Nose civic association project).

Helping the deaf hear

To carry out television audience measurement we develop “listening“ peoplemeters – technologies which can actually “hear“ thanks to sound analysis. There are, however, technologies existing that are able to restore hearing to the deaf people in our society. We do not develop such technologies, but we try to contribute to their purchase. In the first half of 2011 we supported fundraising for Marika Mačátová, a deaf 10 year old young lady who really enjoys life, to purchase a new device that enables hearing.

Petr Sviták

We also managed to help Petr Sviták. Petr was born completely healthy, but at 15 months he suffered from meningitis and completely lost his ability to hear. At the age of two he got a cochlear implant and in the following years he learned to detect signs and spoken language, with the help of speech therapists, a psychologist and a phoniatrist.

Petr is now 16 years old and his speech processor is outdated and unrepairable. Petr is now entitled to a significant insurance contribution. Even so the outstanding amount was CZK 55,853 – too high for a single parent family such as Petr’s.

Peter is mainly interested in electrical engineering and computers. He likes skiing and listening to music.

With the help of our employees we managed to raise CZK 12,500. Some other organisations have joined us and now Petr can look forward to an early Christmas present – a new hearing implant!