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Czech advertising market showed growth despite the COVID-19 pandemic

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic that affected many businesses, the value of Czech advertising market increased by 3% with TV and the Internet being the main drivers. On the contrary, advertising space of other media types decreased. The data from advertising monitoring Ad Intel of the company Nielsen Admosphere show the pricelist value of advertising space.

“Despite COVID-19, the gross value of advertising investments on the Czech advertising market increased again last year. However, compared to 2019, the growth rate has dropped significantly. The overall result is carried by advertising on television and on the Internet. As for the remaining media types, there were large year-on-year declines caused mainly by the ongoing pandemic,” says Tomáš Hynčica, Business & Research Director Nielsen Admosphere.

Last year’s data for the Internet will be released shortly by SPIR. Comparing to the year 2019, double-digit growth expected for this mediatype.

The trio of the strongest advertisers of 2020 were all grocery store chains. The first one, Lidl, bought advertising space in media worth almost 2 billion Czech crowns. Kaufland, the second strongest advertiser, placed advertisement costing 1,9 billion crowns, and the third, Albert, used advertising space in the amount of 1,6 billion crowns according to the pricelist value of advertising space.

The strongest categories of advertisers in 2020 included groceries and grocery store chains, banking and insurance, and electronics and home appliances.