Digital Ad Ratings provides transparent and actionable audience measurement for digital advertising. It delivers overnight reporting of a campaign’s reach, frequency, GRPs, impressions, and on-target percent across computers and mobile devices (smartphone and tablet, browser and in-app), as well as volumetric reporting for connected devices.

With Media Rating Council-accredited computer audience measurement, Digital Ad Ratings delivers reliable digital ROI for both media buyers and sellers with an unparalleled level of granularity. Advertisers can utilize Digital Ad Ratings to understand and quantify the audience their ads are reaching, with the ability to optimize campaigns in-flight. Publishers and platforms can better optimize their inventory and reduce ad waste, monetising based on audience rather than click-throughs.

What it measures?

  • Age/gender demographics, using metrics comparable to Nielsen’s TV Ratings.
  • Viewability by demographic, allowing you to understand variations in viewable rates by demographic break using the viewability provider and viewability threshold of your choice.

Key benefits

  • A true cross-platform view of your digital audience (computer, smartphone, and tablet).
  • Overnight reporting for campaigns of any size.
  • High-quality, actionable measurement enabling transactions and optimisation.
  • Option to add viewability metrics by demographic, using the viewability provider and viewability threshold of your choice.
  • A dynamic, intuitive user interface with enhanced functionalities and visualizations.

For more information about the product as well as the list of countries which already use Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings, check Nielsen global webpage.

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