ABCDE socio-economic classification

The “Socio-economic score of the household” and the “ABCDE classification” derived from it were developed by MEDIARESEARCH, a.s. (currently Nielsen Admosphere, a.s.) in  2012 to replace the unsatisfactory ABCDE classifications used in the Czech Republic previously which were based on the ESOMAR concept from 1997. They provide an ordinal socio-economic diversification of Czech households in the form of a continuous index or score and a categorical classification with 8 categories: A, B, C1, C2, C3, D1, D2 and E (ABCDE classification).

Since January 1st, 2013 these variables have been included in the output data of the TV audience monitoring project carried out by Nielsen Admosphere, a.s. for the Association of Television Organisations (ATO). The definitions of the variables are public and every subject in Czech Republic is allowed and encouraged to use them in their own surveys. They are gradually being introduced to other extensive media surveys in the Czech Republic, covering the Internet, press and radio.

The new ABCDE classification represents a significant qualitative advance in comparison with the ABCDE classifications previously used. We can fully explain and define the merits of the new ABCDE classification further, on request.

Nielsen Admosphere, a.s. is the expert guarantor of these variables, including their yearly update. You can always find the syntax for the calculation of both variables, valid for the specific calendar year, on these web pages, or receive them, on request, from Nielsen Admosphere, a.s. We are happy to answer all your questions regarding these variables.

For download:

The goal of this material is to describe the construction of the variables “Socio-economic score of the household” and “ABCDE classification” described above, starting with a sample questionnaire for obtaining the necessary information from a household, followed by precise formulas and numerical parameters for their calculation. At the end you can find a user interpretation of these variables with brief instructions for their use.

This material is dedicated especially to research and media agencies as a basis for the implementation of the variables into their surveys and data but also to users of final data to give a correct understanding of the variables.

Try the socio-economic classification ABCDE yourself:

Download the ABCDE calculator, allow macros in Excel, and find out the position of your household compared to the average Czech household.

The calculation is calibrated for the year 2021.

ABCDE calculator for download