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We have a wide portfolio of research products and services. We will be happy to suggest the right solution for your business.

Needing to know how people approach social issues?

Sociological research

We will help you explore various social phenomena and trends. We will choose the right research method or prepare a combination of them. You will get data you can rely on.

Examples of our projects:

  • Attitudes towards climate change (for Faculty of Social Sciences, Masaryk University)
  • Managing anger (for the Open Men’s League)
  • Czechs’ relationship to alcohol (for Dry February campaign)
  • Reading in the Czech Republic (for National Library)

Want to know your customers?

Market Research

We carry out a wide range of market research services and offer benchmarks across the market for most indicators. Our focus:


  • Brand awareness, brand perception
  • Comparison with the competition


  • Advertising diagnostics and evaluation using our own "NAD indexes"
  • Pre-tests, post-tests

Consumer habits

  • Research of shopping behaviour
  • Brand affinity

Customer experience

  • Relationship to product/brand
  • Customer mapping, price sensitivity tests

What does your audience value the most?

Media audience research

We carry out surveys among media readers, viewers and listeners, which help identify the preferences and needs of your audience.

Television audience measurement (peoplemeters)

Radio audience research in the CR

  • For APSV and SKMO organizations
  • Implemented together with Median and STEM/MARK agencies

Surveys among media readers, viewers and listeners

  • Quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Content evaluation, comparison with the competition

In need of a quick survey on a representative sample?

Omnibus surveys

We organize a monthly multi-thematic survey on a representative sample of respondents where we can incorporate any of your questions.

  • Rapid-fire and budget-friendly collection of data
  • Ideal for simple current topics
  • Online population 15+, base: 500 respondents
  • Czech/Slovak Republic, Bulgaria

Do you need to organize a quick vote?

Quick polls

We arrange simple and quick polls in online as well as offline form.

We conduct the Best Actor in Czech Commercials poll

  • Annual survey within a creative competition Effie Awards
  • 8 thousand questionnaires in the CR
  • Online survey on the Czech National Panel

Wondering how successful your online campaign is?

Tools for online campaign measurement

We can measure the effectiveness of your online campaign and get information about targeted users.

Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings

  • A tool by Nielsen that is used in more than 30 countries around the world
  • Measures impressions and the reach of your ad campaign
  • Socio-demographic data such as age and sex included in the data


  • A new dimension of post-buy analysis of online campaigns
  • Allows you to identify the users targeted by your campaign
  • Calculates the effect of your campaign on selected brand parameters

Interested in the deeper potential of your data?


We will facilitate a more effective way to use your data.

Data segmentation

  • Dividing audiences into groups
  • Groups based on affinity in behaviour, habits etc.
  • Better knowledge of customers

Multi-dimensional scaling

  • Analysis in the form of a map
  • Graphic representation of characteristics’ affinity
  • Facilitates better comparison


In our regular research studies we explore the behaviour of the online population in such areas as news consumption, online video and e-commerce. We have 10+ years worth of data.


Online news

  • News consumption online and offline
  • News sources
  • Credibility assessment
  • Use of social networks
  • Payment for content
  • Disinformation and fake news

Online video

  • Knowledge and (declared) number of visits of online video platforms
  • Viewer preference
  • Willingness to pay for video content
  • Attitudes towards TV archives and online broadcasting
  • Use of streaming services

E-Commerce Survey

  • In cooperation with the Czech Association for Electronic Commerce (APEK)
  • Contentment with online shopping
  • Shopping strategy
  • Payment methods
  • Product comparison websites

SOCIO-EcONOMIC classification

ABCDE classification

In 2012, we developed our own socio-economic ABCDE classification, which is used in all major media research in the Czech Republic. The definitions of the variables are public and can be used in other research.

More about ABCDE classification

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