We carry out technologically
and methodologically extensive
and complex research projects.

We create innovative technology for electronic
media audience measurement and provide
the analytical tools and support for it.


We offer the complete service
of a reputable research agency.

We bring answers to your questions with our long
and deep experience and knowledge in the collection,
analysis and interpretation of data.


We give a detailed overview
of advertising placements.

We bring an integrated and structured
overview of advertising, monitored
across the entire media sphere.

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We create analytical software
to make it easy, even for us.

We are dedicated to the creation and support
of the Adwind Kite software for processing data
from media research and monitoring of advertising.

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About us

We are a research agency with a wide portfolio of products and services in the area of marketing and media research, analysis and data processing. We focus especially on methodologically and technologically demanding projects, such as electronic television audience measurement – applying the TV meter method. We have developed our own technology for electronic media measurement – SimMetry™. We are dedicated to advertising monitoring, market research and data analysis and we offer  comprehensive services of a reliable research agency with the background of the international company Nielsen.

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Infographics: What Peoplemeters Tell Us

Infographics: What Peoplemeters Tell Us

  • Press releases

Czech TV audience measurement that is carried out using the so-called peoplemeters, is celebrating its 23rd birthday today. The beginning of use of this method can be tracked back to 1997. Since then it has developed greatly and today it represents one of the most advanced measurements in the world. The implementer of the research for the owner of the project, ATO (the Association of Television Organizations), is the research agency Nielsen Admosphere.

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Record-breaking March: TV viewership in March was the highest in 17 years – due to coronavirus pandemic

Record-breaking March: TV viewership in March was the highest in 17 years – due to coronavirus pandemic

  • Press releases
  • Nielsen Admosphere

Media consumtion in the time of pandemic has been mentioned a lot in various articles and reports. So let’s take a closer look at television and its audience results in the past few weeks. In terms of television consumption, this March broke records: the average daily viewership reached the highest numbers of all months in the last 17 years. Since mid-March, TV viewership has been higher in all sociodemographic groups; in the last five weeks, the biggest interannual relative increase can be seen in the group of young viewers, people with academic education and the group „A” according to the the socioeconomic classification ABCDE.

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