We have a detailed overview of Czech advertising

Ad Intel advertising monitoring

We bring an integrated and structured overview of advertising, monitored across the entire media sphere. We carry this out in the CR and we are part of the global Nielsen group, which provides Ad Intel in more than 30 countries around the world.

Monthly reports (CZ)
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What media do we monitor in the CR?



59 Czech
TV channels



Over 240 websites, defined by the AdMonitoring project



More than 420 printed titles (newspapers, magazines, supplements etc.)



52 Czech radio stations


OOH media

16 providers – outdoor, indoor, in-store, cinema, OOH TV

What can we offer?

detailed overview of advertising value

Advertising monitoring

We have comprehensive information about the pricelist value of advertising space in all media types.

The data is obtained by independent collection (Television, Print, Radio), declarations of the entities involved (OOH sector), and a combination of both approaches (Internet).

Daily delivery of TV, print and radio data!

We know what adverts look like

Creative monitoring

We provide an audio-visual form of the advertisement (creative) as published in specific media.

We further examine advertising campaigns

Analyses and outputs from our database

We create tailored analyses and studies of advertising campaigns carried out in the Czech Republic.

The focus of the analysis can be on specific media, advertisers, brands or product segments.

Alongside data we offer a sophisticated analytical software, Adwind Kite.

So you can always access all the data you need, online.

Why choose Ad Intel from Nielsen Admosphere?

Our edge

How can you use data from advertising monitoring?


Analysis of competitors

Overview of advertising activities of your competitors according to your specification. Daily, weekly or monthly reporting. Yearly summaries.


Monitoring of trends

Information about changes in the use of different media types or specific media. Information about the popularity of advertising formats, seasonal influences, and the volume of the advertising market over time.


Media audit

Thanks to our data you can verify that your advertisement was really broadcast. The outputs from monitoring make better evaluation possible and more effective cooperation between advertiser, media agency and media.


Combination of data with other sources

Advertising monitoring can be linked with other data sources. A common combination is with information about media impact (audience, traffic, listenership, readership) or with sales data.

Our database contains information about advertising campaigns carried out in the Czech Republic since the year 2010.

We keep improving Ad Intel according to market needs.

We make regular adjustments to the methodology according to current market needs. 30 colleagues in Nielsen in the CR are involved in the Ad Intel product.

Cooperation on the Ad Intel data

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