wHY CHOOSE Nielsen?


We implement various methods of data collection, research and analysis in the Czech Republic and Europe.

European network of respondents

Nielsen co-owns a European online panel of respondents and implements online surveys in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria.

Our research methods

We ask hundreds of respondents

Quantitative research

Need representative data that you can rely on?
Interested in a quick survey with trustworthy results?


Telephone interviewing (CATI)

  • Data collection in the CATI studio in Jindrichuv Hradec (CZ)
  • Trained operators
  • Long-term as well as snap surveys

Face-to-face interviewing (CAPI, PAPI)

  • Extensive network of more than 800 interviewers
  • Entire Czech Republic
  • Interviewers equipped with the most modern tablets

Online data collection

We can find the insight you are interested in

Qualitative research

Looking for undiscovered insights on your target group, the use of your products or services? Need to test a product, service, concept and identify problem areas?


In-depth individual interviews

  • Individual approach to each respondent
  • Maximum utilization of issue content
  • Focus on details, nuances, feelings

Focus groups

  • Use of group dynamics and interaction
  • Work with opinion polarity
  • Multilayer mapping of the issue
  • Comparison of individual experiences

Ethnographic research

  • Observation of respondents’ behaviour/reactions in their natural environment
  • Authenticity of the environment, conditions and behaviour
  • Insight into respondents’ lives

What does the work of interviewers look like?

We have an extensive network of interviewers

More than 800 interviewers cooperate with us on a long-term as well as intermittent basis. The responses that they collect provide an important basis for research studies on the habits and attitudes of the Czech population.

What tools do we work with?


Looking for a tool that is easy and intuitive to use?
Would you appreciate using the software anywhere and at any time?

  • Professional interviewing software ProQ created by our programmers
  • Adapted for telephone, face-to-face and online interviewing
  • Easy use
  • Strict protection of personal data
  • Adwind Kite software from our Adwind Software department
  • Advanced tool for working with research data
  • Viewing, analysing, combining data
  • Creation of media plans, post-buy analysis

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