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Who we are

Who are we?

We are Nielsen

A research agency with a wide portfolio of products and services with a special focus on methodologically and technologically demanding projects. We are part of the global Nielsen network. For over 20 years, we have been dedicated to measurement and research in the CR in these areas:

  • media research (incl. TV audience measurement and radio survey)
  • advertising monitoring Ad Intel
  • market research and public opinion polls
  • analysis and data processing

We offer the comprehensive services of a reliable research agency with the background of the international company Nielsen.

We are members of the international Nielsen group

We offer our clients locally specific solutions while using our global experience.

Adwind Software

One part of the Nielsen group is Adwind Software, which develops software for working with data from audience research and advertising monitoring.

The story of Nielsen Admosphere

We have been in the game for over 20 years! Wehave picked out the most important milestones of our journey in the Czech research makret and we look forward to achieving new ones with you!

Quality guarantee

We are members of...

Since 2005 our management have been members of the worldwide professional association for market and public opinion research.

ICC/ESOMAR International Code

We have been members of the Czech research association SIMAR, which brings together people active in the field of market and public opinion research, since 2010.

SIMAR research standards (in Czech)

PRO RESEARCH - Since 2019 we have been devoted to the public benefit activities of researchers from verified agencies.

PRO VÝZKUM regulations (in Czech)

Thanks to our SIMAR membership, we have been members of the Czech Chamber of Commerce since 2016.

CCC Ethical Code (in Czech)

Our team

There are 100 professionals in Nielsen in the CR. We draw on the experience of the global team that numbered 43,000 people in 2020.

Petr Matyáštík
Market Leader
Jakub Vidner
Adwind Software Director
Michal Koníček
IT Director
Marek Zámečník
Business Director CZ/SK
Radka Zavadilová
Head of Finance
Miroslav Zeman
Head of Ad Intel CZ
Tomáš Hanzák
Chief Analyst
David Satranský
Product Leader TAM
Hana Friedlaenderová
Client Service Manager
Michal Koníček
IT Director

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