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Podcast Audiences, Growing in Diversity, Are the New Audio Opportunity

After a decade of audience growth, podcasts have become an extremely attractive advertising platform. With broadening appeal and strong listener engagement, brands should be looking to them as a more personalized way to connect with audiences who are maxed out on visual inputs. Smart brands are looking to engage the right consumers with a well-tailored message rather than casting a big net and hoping for the best.

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Amid Uncertain Times, Consumers Take Comfort in Nostalgic Comedy Shows

Perhaps a sign that consumers are longing for the good times, they are literally watching shows like Good Times. While the comedy genre is always popular, comedy viewing over the past year highlights a resurgence of nostalgia comedy programming, particularly shows featuring diverse leads and cast members. Programming preferences are equally varied, with Friends, Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men ranking as the top three comedy programs across 42 designated market areas (DMAs).

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Branded Integrations Come of Age in a Streaming World

Branded integrations in subscription video on-demand (SVOD) programming don’t just provide brand exposure in an ad-free environment. They reach audiences that traditional TV typically doesn’t. In addition to providing incremental reach, product placements and branded integrations provide advertisers and agencies with a modern way to integrate brands into the burgeoning streaming realm.

By leveraging an equivalized and valued branded integration methodology, it is possible to calculate the relative value of branded integrations within SVOD programming, a true benefit for content creators, advertisers and agencies seeking to stay ahead in the quickly evolving streaming space.

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