Nielsen To Separate Into Two Leading Global Companies: Global Connect and Global Media

On 7 November, 2019, representatives of global Nielsen officially announced the separation of company’s two core businesses into independent companies – Global Connect (providing consumer and market data and analyses) and Global Media (providing research and measurement in media and advertising). This separation is to take place in all Nielsen’s international markets in the span of the next few months. More information about the matter is to be found in the official press release: https://ir.nielsen.com/investor-relations/shareholder-information/press-releases/Press-Release-Details/2019/Nielsen-To-Separate-Into-Two-Leading-Global-Companies/default.aspx. Currently, this change does not affect Nielsen Admosphere’s business in any way, being a member of the Nielsen Group, with Nielsen holding 51% share in the company. In case of any changes we will inform our clients, business partners and media in time.

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