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Peoplemeter in a museum? Today it’s a reality!

Exposition at the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the electronic audience measurement in the CR opened at the National Technical Museum

The project of electronic TV audience measurement in the Czech Republic celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. On this occasion, the Association of TV Organizations in cooperation with Nielsen Admosphere, and with the support of Czech television, have arranged a popular-educative exposition in the National Technical Museum in Prague under the name „How do we measure TV audience?“. It officially opened today, on 7 June 2017. Visitors will have a chance to see the exposition until 10 September 2017 on the 2nd floor of the museum building in Letná.

Electronic audience measurement, using peoplemeter technology, was first introduced in the Czech Republic on 2 June 1997. This day has been called the ‚Peoplemeter Day‘ ever since. This year, 20 years have passed since that moment. The new exposition in Prague introduces the history of peoplemeter measurement in the CR and around the world, but it also presents information about the methodology of measurement as well as the measurement devices and real audience measurement data. Today, representatives of the Association of TV Organizations (members of the Association), media and professionals gathered in the museum. Visitors will be able to visit the exposition for three months on the premises of the National Technical Museum.

“The exposition thoroughly documents our 20-year long audience measurement history and I think it is necessary to remind ourselves how we have progressed since its introduction,” says Vlasta Roškotová, Managing Director of the Association of TV Organizations.

Peoplemeters in the Czech Republic

The thought of a new – electronic – measuring technology (until then the audiences were measured using diary research) rose from the need for independent data from one source, i.e. a single currency for the sale of advertising time. Historically, the first implementer of single electronic television audience measurement in the Czech Republic was Taylor Nelson AGB Media Facts Company in 1997-2002. Since 2002 the television audience has been measured by MEDIARESEARCH, renamed Nielsen Admosphere in 2015. This company has won four tenders for electronic measurement since then – the last time it was in 2016 when they were confirmed as the implementer of the new peoplemeter project from 2018-2022. It is the largest media project in the Czech Republic which has undergone many changes in technology, methodology, extent and sample size since 1997. Today over 4,000 people are involved in this measurement.