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PR Nielsen Admosphere is to conduct a robust project of cross-platform audience measurement for the Czech Association of TV Organizations

Last week Nielsen Admosphere signed a contract with the Association of TV Organizations (ATO) for cross-platform electronic audience and content consumption measurement in the Czech Republic for the years 2018-2022. Starting from 2018 TV meter measurement will be supplemented by online video content measurement. An option for combining live and time-shifted TV audiences with online video audience data is also included in the proposal.

The project submitted to the competitive tendering consisted of four parts required by the contract owner: TV audience measurement, video content measurement, the combination of these, and a range of extension options.

A larger sample Establishment Survey is included in the price of the basic TV audience measurement, alongside the measurement of 100 TV channels, real-time audience reporting (from the whole panel) and extensions of Adwind Kite Lite software for processing other data sources.

For the digital part of the project, video content census measurement will be provided by Nielsen Admosphere. Selected Nielsen technologies, present not only in the USA but also in many European countries and worldwide, will be used for this purpose. Nielsen’s other measurement technologies stand ready if the ATO exercises its contractual options for additional services.  Data users can thus be assured of internationally comparable metrics of cross-platform consumption, across TV and digital video content.

“We have combined Czech technology tailored to local conditions with products of digital measurement used by Nielsen all over the world, offering services for the Czech market that exceed the requirements of the contract owner while remaining effective and economical. The proposal has been worked on with enormous energy and intensity for almost three months, and worked out in such detail that ATO can be sure that what we promise we can implement,” says Chairwoman of the Board of Nielsen Admosphere Tereza Šimečková. According to Michal Jordan, Deputy Chairman, this project is the most extensive in the history of Czech measurement and promises to be an effective and robust solution for the Czech market.

Apart from measurement devices (so-called peoplemeters placed in all households of the TV panel) Nielsen SDK site-centric online video content measurement technology will be used, installed on the servers of all broadcasters. David Satranský, the Director of the Electronic Research Section adds: “The extension of the project through digital content measurement matches current technological diversity in the options for video content distribution. The most essential innovation, from 2018, will be the extension of TV audience measurement beyond TV screens, so on PCs, smartphones and tablets (both in browsers and apps). In the case of television sets the HbbTV on Smart TVs will be measured as well.” The new project will not only be demanding in terms of technology, but also in terms of mathematical and statistical methods. “To meet all the requirements of the contract owner with regard to statistical modelling has been quite a challenge,” says Tomáš Hanzák, Chief Analyst of Nielsen Admosphere, who adds that he is personally looking forward to the implementation of the project.

PR Nielsen Admosphere is to conduct a robust project of cross-platform audience measurement for the Czech Association of TV Organizations