European National Panels

European National Panels is a joint project of the respected research agencies Nielsen Admosphere, NMS and STEM/MARK.

European National Panels have taken a leading position among agencies, providing Internet interviewing of the highest quality thanks to significant support from its parent companies.

Extensive online databases of respondents in countries of the Visegrad Four and in Bulgaria

  • We always play fair and are always open about what we can offer
  • On average we produce two thirds of our data within 24 hours
  • We are able to keep our prices competitive thanks to our high quality  background knowledge of the interviewed groups
  • We audit our data collection in detail following strict and transparent standards


  • Double opt-in, off-line verification of respondents
  • The real address of the respondents/bank account is verified during the selection of rewards or money transfer
  • Exclusion of unreliable respondents (lie-score, analysis of time spent with each question and total survey period)
  • Random selection of respondents (a significant number of the respondents are recruited by CATI based on random dialling of phone numbers)
  • Non-financial motivation of respondents (a significant proportion of the respondents support our charity projects, e.g. Hospital Na Bulovce, Helping Paws of UNICEF SK or the Union of the Blind and purblind of Slovakia)


  • Car ownership
  • Holiday
  • Living
  • Internet
  • Media
  • Telecommunications / Mobiles
  • Shopping
  • Finance
  • B2B, employment and study
  • Leisure time
  • Smoking and drinking
  • Health