Internet measurement in the Czech Republic – NetMonitor

We co-operated on establishment of Internet audience and socio-demography research, implemented in the Czech Republic (since 2005) and in Slovakia (since 2007).


NetMonitor is an extensive research project aimed at gathering information on the Internet audience in the Czech Republic as well as a socio-demographic profile of Czech internet visitors.

We helped to build Internet audience and socio-demography research in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We have been co-operating on implementation of the project for SPIR since 2005. We won the tender in 2012 and 2015, together with Gemius S.A.

Research description

The research is carried out in a hybrid fashion, i.e. measurement on the side of the server  (site-centric), and at the same time on  the Internet browser of the user (user-centric).

Audience measurement

Audience measurement is conducted on the monitored server side with the help of Java script codes embedded in web pages. This technology gathers information about all visitors to the server allows the receipt of extensive data files and, among other things, detects the technical parameters of users’ computers.  It also enables the resolution of many methodological and technological problems; for example it minimizes the calculation of operations caused by indexing robots and other automated scripts, eliminates the effect of caching etc. The technology is powered by the GemiusTraffic system.

Socio-demographic research of visitors

The socio-demographic research of visitors is carried out through a panel, in other words a sample of visitors to Czech Internet websites. The panel consists of two parts: a pop-up panel, which collects information by placing pop-up questionnaires on participating websites, and a NetMonitor panel, which uses a local application, NetSoftware, installed on individual NetMonitorPanel members’ computers. The resulting Joint panel comprises ca. 30.000 people and reports unified data.

The processing system eliminates inaccuracies arising from the deletion of cookies and delivers the actual number of visitors or real users. This research infrastructure is now used for overlying research, such as post-buy analyses, ad-hoc research, and campaign pre-tests and post-tests.  The mutual comparability and possible interconnection of results enables standardised monitoring of the Czech internet in this field of analysis.

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