Research services

We adapt our research to your needs, ensuring that the conclusions are clear and bring you the most useful answers possible. We assist with the choice of  target groups and methods of data collection and either help you with the wording of the questions or create the entire questionnaire for you, seeking the highest value data in the most cost effective framework.

As one of the leading Czech research agencies, we help to set the standards for market research and to improve research methodologies. We are the authors of a new socio-economic ABCDE classification, a number of research techniques, technologies and software. We are members of the Association of market research agencies (SIMAR) and the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR).

We have the profound experience of a large research agency and can utilise our own quality resources and the experience accumulated during decades of work on diverse and challenging research projects, so that we can provide effective and reliable research solutions in various market segments.

We also offer a unique solution for actionable audience measurement of digital advertising – Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings.